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APT Error: This must be accepted explicitly before updates for this repository can be applied
Virtual Server (EN) · 07.07.2024

If you're running Debian 11 and encounter an error after running apt-get update because the repositories have changed from "stable" to "oldstable," don't worry. All you need to do is explicitly accept the changed suite value with the command: apt-get --allow-releaseinfo-change update. Afterward, you can resume using apt-get update, upgrade, and install as usual.

Graphics rendering on Windows Server
Virtual Server (EN) · 07.04.2023

Play games on a Windows server under KVM? Learn why it's not possible and explore alternative solutions.

Is there a traffic limit?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Discover our Fair-Use traffic billing principle for vServers. Understand fees, usage allowances, reduced bandwidth rules, and non-permissible traffic types.

What to do if there is no internet connection after Windows installation?
Virtual Server (EN) · 19.03.2024

Resolve internet connection issues on your Windows server with VionityCP's advanced server management feature.

Windows hard disk expansion
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Learn how to expand the hard disk of your Windows Server step-by-step with our comprehensive guide. Find out how to create a new partition or append unallocated memory to your C:\ drive.

Mailcow Admin Password Reset
Virtual Server (EN) · 24.05.2023

Learn how to reset your Mailcow (Dockerized) admin password with this step-by-step guide. Don't worry about losing your data, follow these simple steps to reset it yourself.

Can I use Docker on my vServer?
Virtual Server (EN) · 24.01.2023

Docker is a container-based technology for creating Linux containers. Use Docker on all virtual servers from prepaid hosters, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Can I run a VPN server on my server?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Find out the restrictions and conditions under which you can run your own VPN server on a vServer. Know the traffic limits and how to bypass them.

Can I Virtualize on My vServer?
Virtual Server (EN) · 21.07.2024

Get answers to common FAQ about virtualisation, its uses, requirements, and alternatives on our KVM servers and learn more about Docker usage.

Will my data remain when I upgrade?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Will your data be preserved when upgrading your KVM or virtual server? Yes! Learn more about how we handle server upgrades without losing your important data.

How do I install Windows on my KVM server?
Virtual Server (EN) · 29.06.2024

Install Windows on a Virtual Server | Prepaid-Hoster FAQ

How do I activate sound on my Windows server?
Virtual Server (EN) · 24.01.2023

Forward sound from a virtual Windows root server to your local device using Remote Desktop Connection. Learn how to enable sound in settings and activate the Windows Audio service.

Windows Remote Desktop: Create user
Virtual Server (EN) · 14.07.2022

Learn how to create a new user and activate Remote Desktop on your Windows Server. Follow our step-by-step guide to make it easy!

How to install an FTP server on Windows?
Virtual Server (EN) · 28.05.2024

Set up an FTP server on your Windows server with FileZilla Server. Follow this step-by-step guide to configure, create users, set permissions, and start your server successfully.

Are all ports open?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Discover how to properly manage ports on Linux and Windows servers. Learn how to troubleshoot when your program is not accessible externally. Tread your path to expert networking.

My IP address is on a block list
Virtual Server (EN) · 07.04.2023

Learn what to do if your IP address is on a block list and preventing your emails from being delivered. Contact our customer support for a "clean" IP address or use DKIM and SPF to verify the authenticity of your emails and improve delivery.

Can I order additional IP addresses?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Discover how to use intelligent port usage or additional servers to distribute services across multiple IPs, and how to add more IP addresses to your server.

How do I reset my root password?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Learn how to change the root password of your VServer by following the simple steps provided in the root password change dialog on Vionity.de. Contact our support team for any assistance.

How do I change the SSH port?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Discover various ways to secure your Linux server against automated attacks by changing the SSH port. Learn through both automated via the web interface and manual configuration.

Windows server: No ping
Virtual Server (EN) · 24.01.2023

If you encounter an error on your Windows server indicating that it is unreachable, here are your options. Learn how to identify and troubleshoot the issue in this FAQ. Contact us if you have further questions.

Can I install a graphical user interface (GUI)?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Learn how to install a GUI on KVM and OpenVZ servers, understand why we recommend not running a server with a GUI, and find out alternatives.

My memory was not added after an upgrade!
Virtual Server (EN) · 24.01.2023

Increase the memory of your virtual server at any time with OpenVZ servers. Learn about the few small things to keep in mind with KVM servers, including why the memory may not be immediately available after an upgrade.

How do I disable SSH password authentication?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Find out how to disable password authentication for your Linux server using an SSH key for greater security. Web interface and manual instructions provided.

Install Java on vServer/Linux
Virtual Server (EN) · 24.01.2023

Install different Java versions (1.8, 16, 17, ...) on your virtual server easily and quickly. Our script automates the installation process in the /usr/lib folder.

My Windows RDP password isn’t working
Virtual Server (EN) · 12.06.2024

Having trouble accessing your Windows server on Prepaid-Hoster? Learn how to troubleshoot login issues and get RDP access.

Connecting to the server with PuTTY
Virtual Server (EN) · 11.06.2024

In this guide, you will learn how to connect to your server using PuTTY. Follow the step-by-step instructions to establish a successful SSH connection.

How can I use additional IPv6 addresses with Linux?
Virtual Server (EN) · 11.06.2024

Learn how to add additional IPv6 addresses to your server with Vionity and ensure they persist after each restart. Follow our step-by-step guide for a stable network configuration.

Extend Windows Server Trial Period (Windows Rearm)
Virtual Server (EN) · 15.07.2024

Manage the content for 'Prepaid-Hoster' FAQ: How to reset the Windows Server trial period and avoid license violations.

How do I install PHPMyAdmin on my server?
Virtual Server (EN) · 16.08.2023

Learn how to manage MySQL databases conveniently using the web-based, open source phpMyAdmin, and how to perform full automatic installations on debian-based Linux systems.

How do I activate Windows Server?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.05.2023

Activate Windows Server and store license - step-by-step guide. Find out how to activate Windows Server with a license key and convert the evaluation version to standard using CMD.

Create and Use SSH Key
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Learn how to create and use an SSH key for a secure connection to your vServer in this in-depth guide.

Windows installation is not working, what should I do?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Find answers to issues with Windows server installation, from error messages to no visible progress. Navigate using our FAQ.

Using Windows RDP with Mac
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Connect to a Windows server via RDP using MacOS with the Microsoft Remote Desktop client. Install it on your MacOS desktop PC, iPad, or iPhone for convenient remote access.

Can I install my own kernel?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Explore our FAQ to discover why you can't install a kernel on OpenVZ servers and the flexibility of kernel usage on KVM servers.

Server is overloaded?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Rent OpenVZ vServers and share virtual cores with other customers. Check the load average with "uptime" and avoid overloading with our automated monitoring system. Upgrade or reduce server load if necessary. Contact support for assistance. Stay fair during peak times.

My upgrade is not available due to technical limits. What does this mean?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Bei 'Prepaid-Hoster' kannst du deine Ressourcen auf deinem KVM-Server über die Web-Schnittstelle ändern. Wir überprüfen sofort und automatisch im Hintergrund, ob die gewünschte Leistung verfügbar ist. Wir stellen immer ausreichend Leistungspuffer bereit, damit alle Kunden auf ihre garantierte Leistung zugreifen können.

What does backup rotation mean?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Learn about backup rotations and slots. Understand how many backups are stored retroactively and what happens when the maximum number is reached.

Am I allowed to mine on the server?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Understand why mining is forbidden on virtual servers with our FAQ. Learn about the effects of overuse and how you can avoid it responsibly.

Make MySQL accessible from outside
Virtual Server (EN) · 24.01.2023

Installiere MySQL oder MariaDB Server auf deinem virtuellen Server und dieser wird automatisch mit der "Nur lokal erlauben" Regel installiert. Möchtest du den Server von außen erreichbar machen, musst du die Serverkonfiguration ändern. In diesem Artikel zeigen wir dir anhand eines Beispiels (MariaDB), wie das gemacht wird. Fehlermeldung, die besagt, dass MySQL von außen nicht erreichbar ist: ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on '168.119.29.XXX' (115). Anforderungen: Du benötigst einen Linux-Server und MariaDB muss installiert sein (apt-get install mariadb-server). Der Port 3306 muss in der Firewall freigegeben sein, falls eine verwendet wird. Du hast einen Benutzer erstellt, der entweder von überall aus zugreifen kann ("%") oder durch IP-Adresse/Host gefiltert ist. Passe die Konfiguration an: Ändere die Datei /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cfg. Öffne sie mit einem Editor deiner Wahl. Du findest den Eintrag "bind-address" im Bereich [mysqld]. Ändere die Konfiguration wie unten beschrieben. Vorher: # Instead of skip-networking the default is now to listen only on # localhost which is more compatible and is not less secure. bind-address = Nachher: # Instead of skip-networking the default is now to listen only on # localhost which is more compatible and is not less secure. bind-address = Speichere die Datei und starte deinen Datenbankserver neu. systemctl restart mysql Danach ist dein MySQL-Server auch von außen erreichbar. Aus Sicherheitsgründen empfehlen wir dringend, einen separaten MySQL-Account für externe Benutzer zu erstellen. Der Root-Zugriff sollte nur intern funktionieren. Wenn du Fragen zu diesem Thema hast, kontaktiere uns bitte. Wir helfen dir gerne weiter!

How can I change the Sinusbot Admin password?
Virtual Server (EN) · 24.01.2023

Forgot your Sinusbot password? Learn how to reset it in just a few steps with our guide. Follow the easy instructions to regain access to your Sinusbot today!

Can I change the location of my server?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Find answers to all your questions about Maincubes Data Center's server locations, associated partners, and services in our FAQ.

Open a Port in Windows Firewall
Virtual Server (EN) · 23.06.2024

Learn how to share a specific port in Windows Firewall. Follow these easy steps to open a port for your Minecraft, TeamSpeak, Webserver, CS:GO Server, and more.

Anti-Hack: Why was my IP address blocked?
Virtual Server (EN) · 09.09.2023

Protect your server with Prepaid-Hoster! Learn about server security, block unwanted activities, and avoid IP address blocking. Take control now!

How can I set a PTR/RDNS entry?
Virtual Server (EN) · 05.04.2024

Easily set up and manage PTR/RDNS entries on your vServers with our web interface. Get support and guidance for setting up RDNS for your mail server.

How to Clone Your Server
Virtual Server (EN) · 11.07.2024

What are the Standard Ports?
Virtual Server (EN) · 23.06.2024

Can a test server be converted into a regular server?
Virtual Server (EN) · 12.06.2024

Convert your test server into a regular KVM Root Server and enjoy benefits like upgrades/downgrades and full ownership. FAQs answered here!

What are the differences between configurable and package servers?
Virtual Server (EN) · 19.03.2024

Choose the right server for your project by considering the differences between a configurable server and a package server. Find out about price advantages, flexibility, scalability, customization, and more.

Why is the RAM usage displayed differently in htop compared to VCP?
Virtual Server (EN) · 07.03.2024

Gain insights into Linux memory management: Understand why htop, free -h, and /proc/meminfo show different RAM usage. Optimize your virtual servers with our tools.

vServer with OpenVZ are discontinued. What happens next?
Virtual Server (EN) · 06.05.2024

Manage the transition from OpenVZ to new server solutions easily with our FAQs. Find out what changes for you and how to benefit from special migration offers.

Can I install Windows Server in a language other than German?
Virtual Server (EN) · 07.03.2024

Easily install Windows Server in a different language with our step-by-step guide. Get support and advice from our community forums and official Microsoft resources.

What DDoS protection is available?
Virtual Server (EN) · 28.08.2023

Protect your applications with DDoS protection profiles from Prepaid-Hoster. Choose from multiple options and activate permanent protection for server accessibility issues. Monitor server traffic 24/7 for unwanted disturbances.

My kernel is outdated – What now?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Understand the differences between OpenVZ and KVM servers, explore kernel versions, and learn how to choose between newer or older kernels for your virtual server. Plain English guidance here.

How do I install the Guest Agent?
Virtual Server (EN) · 07.04.2023

Learn how to install the Guest Agent on your KVM server to ensure proper connection with Vionity. Contact our support if you encounter any issues.

How can I reinstall my server?
Virtual Server (EN) · 07.04.2023

Learn how to reinstall and change the operating system of your virtual server in Cloud Manager. Find out how the reinstallation process works, and whether you can reinstall your server anytime.

Why can’t I shrink my hard disk (KVM)?
Virtual Server (EN) · 07.04.2023

Flexible hosting with KVM servers and QCOW images - What you need to know

My server is slow! What can I do?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Contact us immediately if your server is slow and hindering your work. While waiting for our response, check the processor load in the web interface and detect high bandwidth. Please note that shared hosting may cause slight limitations. We will solve the problem directly.

Can I install Windows 7, 10 or 11 on my server?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

These operating systems are not suitable for use as a server operating system. We recommend installing either Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 on your server.

Do I need to extend my test server?
Virtual Server (EN) · 28.08.2023

Teste unsere Server kostenlos! Garantiert ohne versteckte Kosten oder Verlängerungsverpflichtungen. Erfahre mehr in unserem FAQ Artikel: Kann ich Ihre Server vor dem Kauf testen? #kstart# Testserver, kostenlos, Server testen, keine Kosten, Verlängerungsverpflichtungen#kende# #tstart# FAQ: Kostenlose Testserver - Ohne Kosten, Ohne Verpflichtungen#tende#

Can I migrate an OpenVZ server to KVM?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

In support, we often receive questions about changing virtualization methods. Find out if it's possible to migrate from OpenVZ to KVM and vice versa.

Are backups free?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Learn about activating and setting up backups for your KVM server. Choose automatic or manual backups with 2-5 slots available.

What happens in case of a server failure?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Learn about the potential causes of sudden server shutdown and what to expect from our goodwill and warranty policies. Stay informed with status updates at status.prepaid-hoster.de.

How do I install a Sinusbot?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Learn how to install Sinusbot on your Cloud Server using our step by step guide. Connect to your voice channels on TeamSpeak or Discord and enjoy playing music hassle-free.

The time on my vServer is incorrect. What should I do?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Learn how to check and adjust the system time on your server using SSH programs like Putty. Includes instructions for various operating systems.

My server does not have enough power! How can I get more?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Need to upgrade or downgrade your server? It's easy with our flexible options. Simply use the web interface to choose a larger or smaller server, and we'll credit or charge you accordingly. Contact us for help with larger upgrades or downgrades.

I do not have the correct bandwidth, why?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Get up to 600 MBit/s network bandwidth for virtual servers at default. Contact support if upload and download speeds don't match. Learn more about MBit/s and MB/s.

Can I Use My Own ISOs?
Virtual Server (EN) · 03.07.2024

Install your own ISO files at Prepaid-Hoster for free! Enable ISO functionality, choose from a list of available ISO files, or provide your own.

What operating systems are available?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Find out which operating systems are available for our vServers (OpenVZ and KVM) and important notes on installation and system changes.

How can I manage my vServer?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Manage and use your vServer with ease with our administration interfaces and programs. Set up your vServer, manage it, and enjoy other features using our free web interface at www.vionity.de. Contact us easily with numerous options available.

Where can I find my IPv6 address?
Virtual Server (EN) · 28.08.2023

As the Content Manager at Prepaid-Hoster, I am responsible for maintaining the FAQ section. Find below the meta description, keywords, and title for the provided article.

How do I install a database on my server?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Need help installing a database server through our app installer? Check out our FAQ article for step-by-step guidance. We also provide instructions on how to install phpMyAdmin for server administration.

My server is not reachable, what to do?
Virtual Server (EN) · 07.04.2023

Learn about why your server may be unreachable and how to solve it with our FAQ guide. Discover common reasons such as server overload, abuse reports, SSH port changes, and more. Contact our support team for assistance.

How do I reset the MySQL password?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Having trouble accessing your MySQL or MariaDB server because you forgot the root or access password? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Learn how to reset the root password with a few simple commands.

Windows: Internal Error with Remote Desktop
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Fix the "Internal Error" when connecting to Remote Desktop by changing the RDP port. Follow these steps to change the RDP port on Windows using TightVNC Viewer.

How can I change the hostname of my server?
Virtual Server (EN) · 25.01.2023

Learn how to change the hostname of your vServer with our simple guide. Follow the steps and change the hostname in the field provided. The new hostname will be set immediately.

How do I connect via VNC?
Virtual Server (EN) · 24.01.2023

Learn how to manage your server via VNC without SSH authentication. Connect via WebVNC or a program like TightVNC Viewer.

My Windows license has expired, now what?
Virtual Server (EN) · 24.01.2023

We do not offer our own Windows licenses for our servers. You need to provide a valid Windows Server Standard license within 180 days after installation to avoid server shutdown.

How can I enable TUN/TAP on my vServer?
Virtual Server (EN) · 24.01.2023

Learn how to activate TUN/TAP with just a few clicks in Vionity.com's vServer Administration. Follow these simple steps to enable TUN/TAP, restart your server, and enjoy your newly enhanced network experience. Contact us immediately for any issues or inquiries.

What happens if I overload my server?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Learn how to avoid overloading your server based on our product terms and conditions. Understand how to properly use your server and how our system monitors server loads.

How can I connect my domain to my vServer?
Virtual Server (EN) · 24.01.2023

Connect your domain to your vServer at Prepaid-Hoster with our AutoConnect feature or manually enter the server's IP address. Learn how to connect automatically and manually via DNS settings. Please note that DNS changes may take up to 24 hours.

My server has updates! What now?
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Learn how to update your server and installed packages regularly to enhance security and prevent execution of foreign codes on your server.

How do I create a WinMTR log?
Virtual Server (EN) · 23.01.2023

Track your server's ping and packet loss with WinMTR. Download the program and follow these simple steps to analyze any network problems.

How can I connect to my server using FTP?
Virtual Server (EN) · 14.07.2022

Learn how to connect to your vServer via FTP/SFTP easily with step-by-step instructions. Install FTP/SFTP with SSH and browse, upload, download, and manage your files.

What is Load? (Load-Average)
Virtual Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Learn about Linux operating system load, how it's computed, its interpretations, and ways to check it on your server.

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