You have forgotten the password for the Sinusbot? This can happen quickly! But in a few steps you can reset the password to your desired passphrase. We show you how to reset the password for your Sinusbot.

Forgotten your Sinusbot password?

If you have not forgotten the password and just want to change it, you can go directly to the password reset.

Enable overwrite mode

Connect via SSH

First you have to log in to your server via SSH. Once you have done that, you should go to the Sinusbot directory. Normally this is the directory /opt/sinusbot.

Stop running instances

Now you have to stop all running sinusbot instances. We use the harder method and stop all processes with the name „sinusbot„:

pkill -f ".sinusbot"

Log in as Sinusbot user

To be able to start the Sinusbot, you need a separate user. This user is usually called sinusbot. We log in as this user in the SSH console.

Use the following command, but maybe change the username „sinusbot“ with the one you chose during installation.

su sinusbot

Start Rescue Mode

You are now logged into the SSH session as a Sinusbot user. Only now we can start Sinusbot in password overwrite mode. Attention: This mode is only for password reset. Your password is not safe if you append it to the process name. For this reason, this method should only be considered as a temporary password. This mode overwrites the admin password for the current session.

The following command is necessary to start the PW Reset mode:

./sinusbot -override-password=temppassword123
Sinusbot in „Rescue Mode“

The Sinusbot is now started in rescue mode. Important: Leave the SSH session open and do not close it.

Now open the Sinusbot web interface under server IP:8087 in the browser. You can log in with the user „admin“ and the temporary password „temppassword123„.

Sinusbot Password Reset

Now that you can log in to the web interface, you need to set a new password for your admin user. Navigate to „Settings“ > „User Accounts“ and click on the „Edit“ icon on the right side of the admin. In the opening dialog you can now set a password for the admin user. Do this and save the changes you made.

After that you will be automatically logged out. Do not log in with the new data yet.

Go into the SSH session and press CTRL+C – this will exit the rescue mode of the Sinusbot. Now you can also log out of the Sinusbot user SSH session and continue with the root user.


You are most likely logged in as root user again. Now start the Sinusbot normally. Usually you can do this with:

service sinusbot start

Now you should go back to the browser and refresh the page once. Now log in with the new admin credentials. The username is „admin“ and the password is the new password you have chosen. If you forgot the password, … start from the beginning.

Completed Sinusbot PW reset