Please note that according to the product terms and our terms and conditions you are obliged not to overload your services. This is closely connected to a proper and adjusted usage behavior of your server. This topic plays an important role especially for virtual and dedicated servers.

To evaluate the load, we basically take the so-called load of the server. The load is a comprehensive indicator for the utilization of a server and includes CPU, I/O and RAM utilization. A rough rule of thumb for the load is 1.25 per core. This is also the maximum limit we allow. Of course, it can always happen that the load of a server is temporarily somewhat higher. As long as this is within limits, you don’t have to expect anything.

However, if we notice that your server has a far too high load or a certain overload lasts for a longer period of time (~ one hour), we unfortunately have to block your server. An automatism is used, which permanently monitors the load of all servers and assigns points to each server similar to the driver’s aptitude register in Flensburg. We have no influence on this.

If your server has been overloaded and has been blocked accordingly, you have to contact our support. We will then inform you again about the product regulations and about the further procedure. We will then release the server again – unless we „read“ from each other more often!