In this article we show you easily how to connect to your vServer via FTP/SFTP.

First – FTP/SFTP has to be installed with SSH because it isn’t installed by default.

Step by step instructions to your SFTP-server

  • Open FileZilla and enter the serveraddress (IP-address of your server) – in the field “server“ which can be seen in the Quickconnect-strip.
  • Now you fill in your username. You could use the default “root“ username.
  • The next step is entering your password that you received from us via email. If you have already changed the root password – you need to enter the new one.
  • Type in the port number – this has to be port 22 in terms of SFTP-connections.
  • Click on connect or push your enter key to connect to the server.
  • Ultimately click on ok if you receive a warning regarding an unknown host-key.

Now you can browse through your files on the vServer – as well as upload, download or manage your files.

Installing a (real) FTP-server using the SSH console

An FTP server can be installed on Debian and Ubuntu using apt-get install proftpd. Please make sure to perform apt-get update before you start the installation to be able to install the newest version and rule out any security problems.