Our network providers run automated tools to protect the network, your server and other servers. This tool analyzes the outgoing traffic of all servers. If this system detects illegal or suspicious activity coming from your server, the IP address (whether IPv4 or IPv6) is blocked from further traffic.

Your IP address will be blocked if…

  • you launch an outgoing (D)DoS attack
  • Your server is attacking other servers (bruteforce, etc.)
  • Your server scans other networks (Port scan, Net scan, …)
  • Your server sends spam mails

This is usually due to insufficient protection of your vServer: an insecure password, an outdated software version of a program, servers with root rights or other exploits are enough. A good server security therefore requires a lot of attention and work. As soon as your server has a public IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) or is accessible outside a local network (= „connected to the Internet“), it can become a target.

Please take the general topic of server security seriously. If you leave such gaps as mentioned above open (even unknowingly), you are legally violating our terms and conditions.

This is what you can do now

If your server has been blocked with the reason of anti-hack, it is essential that you contact us. To unblock the IP address, further activities are necessary.

  • The activation of the IP address and the server is subject to a fee. There are costs in the amount of 5€. Please load this amount on the credit account of Prepaid-Hoster. We have to unlock the IP address manually, that’s why these costs come up. We do not earn anything from this process.
  • Reinstallation of the server is mandatory to prevent further attacks and to protect the network. We take care of the reinstallation. A technician can perform a backup of your data only in absolute emergencies. This intervention costs 5€ per started 15 minutes. Please note that according to AGB §7, paragraph 4 you are responsible for backup copies and have no right to a backup copy.
  • Please give us the green light that you have received the message and will soon take appropriate precautions so that such a problem does not occur again. If the problem occurs again, we unfortunately have to terminate the prepaid contract, as you have violated the terms and conditions again in this case.
  • Afterwards, the issue will be closed and we will reconnect your server to the Internet