Our network providers use automated tools to protect your server and other servers. If your server engages in suspicious activities, your IP address will be blocked and the traffic will be stopped. This can happen if your server attacks other servers, sends spam emails, or scans networks. We also regularly check our abuse mailbox for such activities and manually review these cases to ensure that all violations of our terms of service are reported and appropriately handled. Please take the security of your server seriously to avoid violations of our terms of service and possible blocking of your IP address.


Activation €5.00
Optional data backup €15.00/15 mins, higher on weekends

Your IP address will be blocked if…

  • You initiate an outgoing (D)DoS attack
  • Your server attacks other servers (brute force, etc.)
  • Your server scans other networks (port scan, network scan, etc.)
  • Your server sends spam emails

A compromised server can manifest itself through various symptoms, depending on the type and extent of the attack. Some possible scenarios include:

  1. Unexplained network activities: If the server has been compromised, this can lead to unusual network activities that are not typically expected. This can include port scans, connections to unusual targets, or data transfers from unknown sources.
  2. Changes to firewall or security settings: An attacker may change the firewall or security settings of the compromised server to facilitate network access or take control of other devices on the network.
  3. Frequent crashes or outages: If the server is infected, this can result in frequent crashes or outages, leading to longer downtime and increased data loss.
  4. Email spam or phishing attempts: A compromised server can also be used to send spam emails or phishing attempts, which can result in the network being blacklisted as spam and damage customer trust.

It is important to take these symptoms seriously and act quickly to prevent further damage. If you suspect a compromised server, you should immediately take the necessary IT security measures to stop the attack and restore the server.

Please take server security seriously. If you leave such vulnerabilities as mentioned above (even unknowingly) open, you are legally violating our terms of service.

What to do next

If your server has been blocked for the reason „Anti-Hack“, you must contact us immediately. Additional actions are required to unblock the IP address.

  • 1: Activation fee: Load €5.00 onto your prepaid hosting account in order to have the IP address manually unblocked. Please understand that this process incurs a fee as it requires manual intervention. We do not profit from this process, but rather need to cover the associated costs.
  • 2: Reinstallation & Backups: Reinstallation of the server is mandatory to prevent further attacks and protect the network. We will handle the reinstallation. A technician can only perform a backup of your data in absolute emergencies. This intervention costs €15.00 per started 15 minutes. Please note that according to our terms of service, Section 7, Paragraph 4, you are responsible for creating backups and do not have a right to a backup.
  • 3: Confirmation: Please give us the green light that you have received the message and will take appropriate measures to prevent such a problem from occurring again. If the problem recurs, we will unfortunately have to terminate the prepaid contract, as you will have violated our terms of service again in this case.
  • 4: Activation: Afterward, the matter will be closed and we will reconnect your server to the internet!

Why does the activation cost money?

The process of unblocking the IP address and server after compromise requires manual interventions that entail technical effort. Since this process cannot be automated and the unblocking is done manually, we need to cover the associated costs.

The cost of €5.00 per process partially covers the manual interventions and technical effort required to unblock the IP address and server. We would like to emphasize that we do not profit from this process, but only need to cover the incurred costs. Therefore, we recommend our customers to take appropriate security measures to prevent misuse of their servers and avoid the costs of unblocking the IP address and server.