A strong price-performance ratio is important to us. Therefore, we use the fair-use system to settle the amount of traffic generated. This does not specify an exact usage limit, but does limit an excessive over usage. If a customer with a 4€ vServer would use up a whole 5TB within 20 days, we would have to pay costs that are significantly higher than the monthly payment for the server. Very few customers need more than 1TB per month, so we can avoid specifying the usable traffic in advance when ordering. If the usage of all customers would be so extensive, we would have to charge correspondingly higher prices for all customers. We offer burst-speed depending on the server ordered, which can be used at full bandwidth up to a limit of either 1.5TB or 2.5TB per month. After that, the particular server will be throttled to the reduced bandwidth of 50 Mbit/s. We reserve the right to throttle to 25 Mbit/s in extreme cases.

If more traffic is needed at full speed, it can be added at any time.

The following forms of traffic are not allowed

  • VPN traffic outside your own household
  • Traffic through Tor nodes of any kind
  • Proxy (similar) traffic outside own household
  • IPTV
  • 24/7 livestreams to Twitch/YouTube/etc.

These types of traffic lead to permanent or unfair traffic. This is what you need to avoid.

Examples for allowed traffic (within fair use)

  • High frequency web pages
  • Download sites within legally acceptable limits
  • Nextcloud or similar file transfers without public access
  • Traffic from game server content
  • Private VPN traffic for own PC

Can I book traffic later?

Basically, a desired contingent must be booked in advance, which expires if not used.

You can upgrade up to 10 TB for 9,50€ per TB. From 10 TB you pay 8,50€ per TB. If you want to book 2 TB extra burst (up to 1 GBit/s), it will cost you 19,00€. Special traffic expires if it is not used. Extra traffic will be charged monthly. The transaction date is always the day on which the corresponding service was booked.