If you rent a virtual server from Prepaid-Hoster, you have access to various DDoS protection profiles to protect your applications.

If you are experiencing server accessibility issues due to an attack, you can activate permanent protection. Otherwise, your server is in automatic detection mode 24/7. If you believe your server is not being attacked but still not functioning, check here.

We monitor your server traffic around the clock for unwanted disturbances! DDoS protection is included with all virtual servers from Prepaid-Hoster.

DDoS protection settings

Which DDoS protection provider does Prepaid-Hoster use?

We use DDoS protection from SYNLINQ. Arbor Sightline ensures the availability of your server 24/7.

Which profiles are available?

You can view the status of your chosen AntiDDoS profile in the Cloud Manager. This value is an important part of your server, so we display it directly in the Cloud Manager.

  • Automatic protection
  • General permanent protection
  • Minecraft DDoS protection
  • TeamSpeak protection
  • GTA 5 (Five-M)
  • ALT:V
  • GTA:SA
  • ARK:SE
  • Steam games (General)

Notifications for attacks

You will receive an email from us if your server is under attack. You can also find information directly in the web interface.

Are there any disadvantages to DDoS protection?

No, there are no disadvantages. The ping may increase by 1-2 ms when protection is enabled. Other programs on the server may potentially cause false positives.

Can I use multiple profiles at once?

No. You can only choose one profile. If you have a service that requires specific protection, it should be on a separate vServer anyway.