Can I play games on a Windows server under KVM?

A Windows server running KVM does not have a dedicated graphics card. For this reason, it is not possible to play or access games on the server because they require a graphics card.

Are there workarounds?

Thus, rendering complex 3D models or running graphics-intensive applications on a Windows server under KVM is also limited. While there are certain workarounds and solutions such as using remote desktop services or GPU passthrough technologies to provision graphics cards on virtual machines. However, these do not fit into our infrastructure.

An effective solution for accessing a graphics unit is to use a dedicated server. Here you have access to an integrated graphics unit in the processor, but its performance varies depending on the processor type.

KVM server unsuitable

Please note that KVM is a virtualization technology and is designed to host server-based applications and services. It is not intended to host desktop applications or games. If you need a server for games, we recommend that you use a dedicated game server or another dedicated hosting solution designed specifically for this purpose.