Mailcow (Dockerized) Admin Password Reset

If you have installed Mailcow (dockerized) on your server and don’t know your admin login password anymore, you don’t have to worry about your data. You can easily reset the admin password yourself.

Log in to the server via SSH

To reset the password, you must log in to the server via SSH using Putty or similar. Use the root access for this.

Change to the Mailcow directory

Now you need to change to the directory where you installed Mailcow. By default this is /opt/mailcow-dockerized.

cd /opt/mailcow-dockerized

Reset password

Next you can use the script that comes with Mailcow to reset the admin password.


Run the script. You will be asked if you really want to reset the password. Acknowledge the question with a „Y“ or „yes“ followed by [Enter].

After that you will see the new password.

root@14640-21671:/opt/mailcow-dockerized# ./helper-scripts/
Checking MySQL service... OK
Are you sure you want to reset the mailcow administrator account? [y/N] yes

Working, please wait...

Reset credentials:
Username: admin
Password: T2Kj9TtM1ZhngAWD
TFA: none

The password was reset

Your password has now been changed to „T2Kj9TtM1ZhngAWD“. You can now log in to Mailcow. Please note that this only changes the administrator password and not your password for SoGo or IMAP/SMTP logins.