No response in the web interface

If Windows is not installing on your server and there is no visible progress in the installation, something has gone wrong. But don’t worry!

In most cases, it is sufficient to first install Linux Debian 11.0 on your server reinstall and then try again to install your desired version of Windows.

If that doesn’t work either, please try with a different Windows server version.

An error regarding the license key is displayed

If you see a license key error (product key), please install Windows Server 2019 instead of Windows Server 2022. Your system is not compatible with Windows Server 2022 in this case. Unfortunately, we cannot change that.

These steps didn’t work either!

If nothing works at all, feel free to contact our support. We will take a look at it! But please let us know that you have already tried the steps mentioned above, so that we can resolve the problem for you as quickly as possible.