If your server is slow and you can’t work properly with it, you should contact us as soon as possible. While you are waiting for an answer, you can already take action and perform some checks yourself.

First of all you should check in the webinterface how much processor load your server currently has. If your processor is running at peak performance, it is normal that it reacts slowly to further tasks, because something is already keeping it 100% busy.

Workload in the web interface

If you detect high bandwidth, your server may be downloading or synchronizing with something and is therefore limited in the network and cannot work fully. Usually it is enough to wait a few minutes. If this doesn’t help, it is also possible that your server is being abused and carrying out DoS attacks. In this case, our automated security will intervene and block your server and IP in case of any abnormality.

Please also note that your server (unless you have a dedicated or KVM server) is shared hosting. Here you share the physical server hardware with several customers at the same time, which can cause slight limitations at peak times due to overuse of one customer. Also, the Mini vServers do not have quite as much processing power as the Power or High-Line models, as we have throttled the GHz of each virtual core.

If you did not find any abnormalities, it is most likely our fault. In this case, we will of course answer you as soon as possible and solve the problem directly at the root. Please note, however, that we cannot do very much during temporary peaks or large DDoS attacks.

So please be available for questions, should we have to adjust something on your server. You can also reach us on Twitter.