So that everyone can convince themselves of our servers and us as a provider, we are currently offering a free test server (OpenVZ) to anyone interested. Directly after entering a mail address you get access to a regular server from our product range for 48 hours. More information in the FAQ article: Can I test your servers before purchasing?

However, we often receive irritated inquiries and complaints shortly after the provision of the test server, why one would receive an invoice for the free test server or why one is suddenly supposedly forced to extend the server.

Note in the web interface

We are a prepaid provider!

We would like to clarify here again very clearly and transparently: Our test servers are free of charge and do not entail any renewal or payment obligation. By the way, this is also the case with all our other products after purchase (prepaid)!

Why do I receive an invoice?

The reason for the invoice is quite simple: We work with a normal billing system, which does not distinguish between normal products and „test servers„. This system automatically creates an invoice in the customer account for the renewal. If this invoice is paid, the system automatically renews the product – in this case you could convert your test server into a regular server after a satisfying test phase and keep all data on the server.

What happens if I do not pay?

If you don’t pay the invoice, nothing happens, just like with our normal products. The product (here: the test server) will simply be deleted/cancelled at the end of the term without you ever hearing from us again.

So, no worries! We don’t want to trap anyone, so we clearly communicate on the test server order page as well as in the web interface that you are of course not entering into any obligations. Sit back, power up yourself and your test server and see if you’re happy with the server and us! 🙂