To say it directly: No! As the name says we are a hoster where you pay in advance. So you are not commited to pay the bills even if you get the following notifications per e-mail:

  • Notification before expiration
  • Second notification before expiration
  • Service is locked (late payment)
  • 7 days until the service will get permanently deleted

If you want to discontinue your domain or server you could either ignore these e-mails or deposit a manual cancellation in the web interface.

Our system is using the available credit on your account to renewal the service automatically. That’s why you should cancel unwanted server- or domain-renewals at least seven days beforehand, so your credit won’t be partly used in the invoice. If this happens to you, you can remove the credit from unpaid invoices from the webinterface. Feel free to contact our support in any other case.

So in conclusion there are two ways to cancel your service:

  • You just don’t pay the bill and phase out the service
  • You cancel the service in the webinterface