No, credit cannot be paid out in general.

Payment of credit

In most cases, credit cannot be paid out. This applies to the credit you have loaded. Special credit from bonus promotions or donations will under no circumstances be paid out and will expire if you close or delete your account.

Please note that credit transferred back to your credit account from cancelled services is also special credit. This means that this credit is also not eligible for a refund.

Credits from Paysafecard top-ups can only be refunded to a bank account in your name, provided that you can provide proof of being the purchaser of the PSC. Otherwise, refunds can only be transferred back to the original top-up method.

Whether a refund of credit is possible depends on the strict money laundering law and must be examined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact either the support or for this purpose.

Reload credit wisely

Therefore, we recommend that you only top up your credit if you are really sure that you want to use it for purchasing or extending a service. This way, problems can be avoided!

It may also be important for you to know that your credit with us will never expire. Learn more about the validity of your credit here.