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Can a test server be converted into a regular server?
Accounting (EN) · 12.06.2024 · NEU

Convert your test server into a regular KVM Root Server and enjoy benefits like upgrades/downgrades and full ownership. FAQs answered here!

Can I pay with a PSC from another country?
Accounting (EN) · 27.08.2023

Find answers on how to top up your balance using Paysafecard, its regulations and fees, and how to handle issues with your Paysafecard account.

How can I cancel my server immediately and receive credit?
Accounting (EN) · 08.04.2024

Cancel your server immediately at Prepaid-Hoster. Get partial credit for remaining runtime. Find out which servers you can cancel and how to do it here.

For which payment methods are fees charged?
Accounting (EN) · 04.03.2023

Learn about the fees associated with our different payment methods, including a 13% fee for using Paysafecard. Choose whether to add the fee to your transaction or deduct it from your later balance.

If I upgrade my server – is the discount still active?
Accounting (EN) · 06.07.2022

Don't worry about losing your permanent discount when upgrading - it will remain active for future renewals. However, the partial settlement of the upgrade won't include the discount until the next cycle starts. Contact our support team if you have any questions.

Why does my invoice not have VAT?
Accounting (EN) · 30.05.2023

Learn about how VAT is charged for Vionity services, and when it will be shown on your invoices.

Can I renew my server in advance?
Accounting (EN) · 30.05.2023

Find all the necessary information about server extension in this article. Learn about automatic renewal, cancellation, and payment methods.

Can I automatically top up my balance?
Accounting (EN) · 27.08.2023

Learn how to set up automatic balance top-ups at Prepaid-Hoster using either PayPal or a standing bank order.

What additional costs can arise?
Accounting (EN) · 27.08.2023

Discover key information on pricing for our various services such as server activation, software installation, backup creation, and more!

I paid with the credit card but the money hasn’t arrived!
Accounting (EN) · 06.07.2022

Find answers to common questions about credit card payments on our platform, including information about our rules and procedures for ensuring legitimacy.

Will my service be automatically renewed?
Accounting (EN) · 06.07.2022

Learn how and when you can automatically renew your service, and what to do if your server doesn't renew. Get notified via email and find invoices in the client area.

Can credit be paid out?
Accounting (EN) · 30.10.2023

Can you get a refund for your credit at Prepaid-Hoster? Find out about our credit refund policy here.

How can credit be donated to me?
Accounting (EN) · 27.08.2023

Discover how to use and manage your donation link with Prepaid-Hoster.de and learn about any rules or restrictions associated.

Can I change the billing address?
Accounting (EN) · 27.08.2023

Learn how to change your billing address or company name on invoices, specify a VAT ID, and adjust existing invoices as needed. Reach out to our customer support for assistance.

How long is my credit valid?
Accounting (EN) · 30.05.2023

Learn about credit validity on our platform and how it is affected by GDPR regulations.

How can I revoke my order and get a refund?
Accounting (EN) · 25.06.2023

Revoking your order is possible within 14 days. Contact our support for assistance with any product issues. Read our valid cancellation policy here.

Do I have to cancel my prepaid server?
Accounting (EN) · 06.07.2022

No, as a pre-paid hoster, you are not committed to paying the bills. You can ignore payment notifications or manually cancel the service through the web interface. If you do not cancel, our system will automatically renew your service using your account's available credit. However, if you do want to discontinue your service, you should cancel at least seven days beforehand to avoid credit being used for the invoice. To cancel, either ignore payment notifications or deposit a manual cancellation through the web interface. For further assistance, please contact our support team.

How much credit can I charge?
Accounting (EN) · 04.02.2023

Find out about credit account regulations for charging and owning money. Learn how much you need to charge and what the limits are.

Unpaid invoice – What to do?
Accounting (EN) · 06.07.2022

If you have cancelled the credit charging process, simply ignore the invoice. Our support team can also cancel it upon request. However, for bills provided by your own service, ignoring it and leaving it unpaid will lead to the suspension and deletion of your server or service. You can easily cancel the service yourself through the web interface.

Can I change the billing cycle?
Accounting (EN) · 27.08.2023

Explore our FAQ section to understand our server billing cycles, the discounts offered, and how to change your billing cycle.

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