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Docker is a container-based technology for creating Linux containers. Since the software deeply intervenes in the system, it might not work properly with every virtualization technology.

Basically, you can use Docker on all virtual servers from prepaid hosters. However, there are a few small things to keep in mind.

Our recommendation in advance

If you know you want to use Docker and prefer to be on the safe side, you should rent a KVM server directly.

Virtualization technologyCompatibility
OpenVZPossible restrictions
KVMNo restrictions
Is Docker compatible with OpenVZ and KVM?

Docker on a Cloud vServer

You can usually use Docker on a cloud vServer without any problems. However, there are a few limitations. Since a cloud vServer itself is managed via a container-based virtualization method (OpenVZ7), there may be compatibility issues. Which Docker images you can use with an OpenVZ 7 server is difficult to say in advance. It all depends on the Docker environment you want to use.

Another disadvantage can be the kernel. Docker also likes to access newer kernel components here, which may not yet be available with an OpenVZ Virtuozzo kernel.

Docker on a KVM server

KVM is a full virtualization. This means that the guest system is independent of the host system. You also use your own kernel on the KVM server, which is not shared or virtualized with other clients.

This means that you can use Docker on a KVM server without any restrictions.

If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to contact us in support. Please note, however, that we can never give you a firm commitment to specific compatibility with cloud servers.