No! Mining (of any kind) is basically forbidden on all virtualized servers. It is the nature of data mining that this consumes a lot of processor power.

But XYZ is not mining at all!“

– Some customer

This may be technically correct, but we still consider it an overuse of resources. The issue is not whether it is „mining“, but ultimately whether there is a high workload or above-average wear and tear due to the process. Virtual servers are not suitable for this type of program.

Possible consequences of overuse

In all likelihood, we will automatically lock your server if resources are overused or permanently exhausted. The same applies to other disturbances that originate from your server. This regulation is based on our terms and conditions §7, paragraph 2.

If it is a test server, we will delete the server immediately.

Especially with virtual servers this is a bottleneck for other customers and causes a bad quality on the host system. You rent a shared hosting and have accepted the terms and conditions when ordering. These state that permanent overloading of the server must be avoided.

Please be fair and pay attention to other people who need processing power for other programs.

If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to contact us at any time.