Maincubes data center

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Our vServer host systems are hosted at our partner Synlinq near Frankfurt. We thus offer first-class DDoS protection and low latencies.

All KVM and OpenVZ host systems are hosted at this location near Frankfurt.

Do you still have servers with OVH?

In May 2022, we moved our entire infrastructure that we had at OVH to the modern Maincubes data center. We no longer offer servers at OVH.

Do you still have servers at Hetzner?

No, we no longer have virtual servers with Hetzner. However, our dedicated servers are hosted by Hetzner.

Do you still have servers in France?

No, all servers are located in Germany.

Can I move my server to another location?

A relocation is not possible, because all customer servers are at the same location.

Otherwise, we would like to use the free space for our new customers.

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