It can always be the case that something is wrong with the system time on the server or you want to change it for various reasons.
All this can be controlled very easily via an SSH program like Putty.

Directly for the beginning is important: Is the current minute number in the system time correct? It can always happen that on one of our host systems the time is generally not correct. This will be changed by the support on request. Normally our host systems synchronize the time automatically every day.

Instructions: Connect to your server via SSH. For this you can use e.g. Putty. You only need the IP address of your server, possibly (if changed) the port and the root password. As user you take „root“ in this case. Now check the time by entering „date„. After confirming the entry, the system time should be displayed. If necessary, check it against the current time. You can tell by the minutes if only the time zone or the whole system time has to be changed. If the system time is wrong, please contact the support, which will take care of it. If everything fits and only the timezone is wrong, you can continue.

Debian, Ubuntu, Suse Enter „dpkg-reconfigure tzdata“ A selection box appears. Here you select for the German time zone first Europe and then Berlin. The timezone is now changed. Check again if everything fits by entering „date„.


Enter „cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Berlin /etc/localtime“ and confirm. The timezone is now corrected. If you want to use a different timezone, you have to change the entry accordingly.