If your server has too little performance for your project, that’s not a big deal. You can of course simply click in the web interface to select a larger server and then perform a paid upgrade. If the server is not quite suitable later, you can simply select a smaller server in the web interface and downgrade to it. Maximum flexibility is very important to us and of course we are always available to help you with upgrades and downgrades.

Upgrade/downgrade in the web interface

Please note that you can only switch between the packages that belong to your server series in the web interface. For example, if you want to switch from a power server to a high line server, please contact our support. We will then deliver you a new server and credit you for the remaining time. Of course we give you enough time to move your data.

If you upgrade, you only have to pay the amount due for your normal remaining runtime, which keeps the billing fair. In case of a downgrade, we will even refund the remaining credit directly to your credit account.

Questions? Send us an email or open a ticket. We are also available for you via Twitter at any time.