We already give our clients a big flexibility in terms of our prepaid system – that’s why there often appears the question of paying later for a server or service.

Basically, the arrangement is as follows: You will receive a renewal invoice seven days before the service expires. You then have three days to pay the invoice with credit. If there is still credit on your credit account at the time of invoicing, it will automatically be used to pay the invoice.

If the bill is still unpaid on the evening of the last day, the service will be locked but not deleted!

Zeistrahl Prepaid Hoster Serververlauf
The prepaid principle

Every service except of dedicated servers and domains will go into a transition period of about six days. Your server won’t be reachable during this state, but your data is not lost yet.

So if you don’t have the money on time, you can just pay a bit delayed without any circumstances. After you settled the bill your server will get approved instantly so you can utilize it again immediately – of course with your data.

But be careful! After these six days your server or service – and along this – all your data will get extinguished. Then even a data recovery is because of data protection and technical terms not possible anymore.

If you know that you’re not able to pay punctual please let us know with the assistance of our ticket system. In this case we won’t delete the data after these six days.

Remember that this service is not available for dedicated servers or domains.