We offer our customers a high level of flexibility with our prepaid system. However, this often raises the question of whether it is possible to pay for a service or server later.

The general rule is as follows:

  • 7 days before the renewal date: Invoice is generated
  • On the renewal date: Server is frozen (suspended)
  • 6 days after the renewal date: Server is deleted

So, you will receive an invoice for renewal seven days before the service expires. You then have at least seven days to settle the invoice with credit, without your server being suspended. If there is still credit available in your account at the time of invoicing, it will be automatically used to settle the invoice.

Timeline of Prepaid Hoster server process
The prepaid principle

If the invoice is still unpaid on the evening of the renewal date, the service will be suspended. But don’t worry! All services (except for Dedicated Servers and Domains) will enter a transition period of approximately six days. During this time, the server will be suspended and not accessible, but the data will still be preserved. Please note, however, that the suspension period will not be deducted from your regular cycle, as the server is still consuming resources.

So, if there is a temporary lack of funds, pocket money arrives late, or the Paysafecard is not available at the gas station, you can simply pay the invoice a little later without any major hassle. The server will then be released immediately after payment – of course, with your existing data.

After the six days, the server or service, along with all its data, will be deleted – restoration is unfortunately no longer possible, as it is considered a termination according to our terms and conditions.