Get API key for Prepaid-Hoster API – FAQs

API key for the Prepaid-Hoster API:

Currently there is no direct way to get an API key for the Prepaid-Hoster API.

Beta test registration

However, you can sign up for the beta program on our Discord server and get an API key. You can then test the API and provide your feedback. Please note that we only distribute access to active customers.

Advantages of the API

With our API, you can perform a variety of actions that are normally available through the web interface. Here are some examples of what you can do with our API:

  • Manage hosting accounts and domains: with our API you’ll be able to create, delete and update servers, as well as add or remove domains. This will allow you to perform these tasks automatically and save time.
  • Manage orders and invoices: You can manage all orders and invoices through the API and also create new orders. This simplifies the processing of orders and reduces manual tasks.
  • Transaction management: You can manage transactions and initiate payments through the API. This can be useful if you want to set up automated payments or process transaction data in your own system.

By using our API, you have the advantage of automating time-consuming manual tasks, leaving you more time for other tasks. You can also facilitate the integration of different systems and thus increase the efficiency of your project.