Server address

Our Prepaid-Hoster Discord Server can be found on There you will find a nice community, which will help you with questions and problems. Also the developer of the webinterface and supporters are active on the server and are ready to help you with words and deeds.

PPH Discord Server
PPH Discord Server


Do you already know our hot only fans account? A teaser:

Rules of our Discord server

  • We tolerate only a good tone and friendly cooperation.
  • For reports or rule violations, use the report function of the bots, do not write to an owner, team member or moderator privately about it.
  • The Discord server is not an official support channel.
  • Team and community members may not be contacted personally/privately about problems with Prepaid-Hoster services, only by explicit invitation.
  • IP addresses, domains and personal data should not be posted if possible.
  • Only „Family Friendly“ content may be posted. This also applies to the offtopic area.
  • We do not allow any advertising for our own servers, sites, projects and especially other hostings.
  • Please remain friendly at all times, even in case of failures or problems. We guarantee that we will do our best!
  • Channels should be used for the intended topics. Offtopic may be written in the general channel.
  • Feedback should always be constructive and not destructive.
  • Team members and mods may enforce these rules at their discretion.
  • Offering credit, bartering, or similar of any kind is prohibited.