We can take over the installation of the software for a fee of €15 per planned 15 minutes, at weekends the fee could be slightly different.

We generally do the following installations:

  • Keyhelp
  • Nextcloud
  • LinuxGSM Gameserver
  • Latest Java-Version
  • MySQL/Mariadb-Server
  • TeamSpeak 3-Server
  • Other known software
  • Installation of supported ISOs on KVM servers
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS

We don’t guarantee a proper functionality – especially not for untested operating systems. But this doesn’t mean that the customer won’t need to secure their servers.

If you want to install an TS3, Minecraft, CS:GO or Ark server check out out Game-Server Cloud. Within just a few clicks you can make it work perfectly fine.

We don’t undertake individual installation/configuration of:

  • Minecraft-Server/Gameserver
  • OpenVPN/VPN-Server
  • Mailserver-Configuration
  • Individual Software

If you need something else, please let us know via our ticket system. If a technician is familiar with your issue, we can also implement your request.

Please notice that we take a fee of €15 per every half hour that has begun. That’s because we have to deploy a technician. By reason of our prepaid system, you have to make sure that there is enough credit on your account.

Usually we take care of that on weekdays during our office hours. For this occurrence we also need access to your server or webspace and maybe even request more admission.

This is how you can plan an operation:

If you need help with the installation of any software please open a ticket with the required details. If we are able to satisfy your wish – an employee will send you an offer. Please recharge your credit to the amount of the offer and tell the support if you want to accept it. We will take the credit and perform the operation. But there is still no guarantee of carrying out the intervention successfully – but our technicians will give their best to make it work for you. Sadly, we are unable to refund the needed credit.