You want to contact us? That’s no problem – in the following article we show you how.

– I already have an account:

If you already got an account at prepaid hoster you can log in into our webinterface with your access data. Within the panel „#pphstatus“ you can easily click on „Open ticket“ (german: Ticket öffnen) and you will get redirected to the form.

It’s important that you give as much details as possible to receive a timely, correct and precise answer from us.

Usually we are responding quite fast. But please understand if it’s taking a bit longer. We are also just humans.

Don’t open a second ticket regarding the already known question of yours by asking about the processing status. It’s just more and especially unnecessary effort. In addition it ensures that you and the other customers have to wait even longer for an answer.

– I’m not a customer yet

If you aren’t a customer and don’t have any account at prepaid hoster – you can surely still contact us. Therefore you have different opportunities:

  • You can create an account and follow the instructions above.
  • You can send us an e-mail at – Also here we need accurate details about your question or problem.
  • You could also contact us on twitter ( – we are going to respond as soon as possible. If we are also following you – you can just send us a direct message.