Are you having trouble logging into your customer account or have you forgotten your login credentials? Do you see the message „We were unable to log you in with these credentials“ in the web interface?

In that case, there are two options.

Resetting Password

If you have only forgotten your password, please use the password reset function in our web interface VionityCP. You can find this either by selecting the corresponding button in the login process or directly at this link (Password Reset).

VionityCP web interface is directly linked to your customer account, so changing your password in VionityCP will also update it in all our systems.

Forgot Email Address

If you have forgotten your email address at along with your password, please follow these steps.

Try all your email addresses using the password reset function. If a correct email address is entered, you will receive an email at that address sooner or later. Due to data protection reasons, you will not receive direct feedback online about whether the email exists in our customer database. If none of the email addresses work, please contact our customer service – in this case, by email. Please include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your full address
  • A copy of your ID card (sensitive data/images can be blacked out).

The responsible staff member will assist you further.

Quick tip: A password tool can help you with both data entry and password security!