Many customers register with us using disposable emails. We understand the purpose behind it, but we assure you that there is no reason to worry if you provide us with your real email address.

In our web shop, we prohibit registration with disposable emails. This is not because we want to flood your inbox with advertisements – we don’t do that anyway – but rather because we want to protect you and your data.

We do not send email advertisements

Imagine signing up with us using a disposable email. During the registration process, you need to verify your email address and you may never open that tab again afterwards.

We always send important messages regarding your server via email. So, if your server:

  • expires
  • is being shut down for maintenance
  • has been locked
  • has an inquiry

You would not receive any notifications, and it would be frustrating if you miss the deadline for renewal and your data gets permanently deleted.

Additionally, if you forget your password and do not remember the disposable email address, you won’t be able to reset your password correctly. Without proper verification, even our support team cannot assist you in that moment.

Disposable emails are security vulnerabilities

With most disposable email providers, anyone can access the mailbox even months after its creation by simply using the email address that you registered with us. There is no authentication process, and all emails are displayed, regardless of whether you access the mailbox or if an unknown person does so.

In theory, this means that anyone can access your emails, which results in potential unauthorized access to your prepaid hosting account. Furthermore, it is possible for anyone to access your server data, manipulate it, damage it, or steal your information.

We promise you that there is no reason to use a disposable email with us. As a service provider, we need to ensure the security of your prepaid hosting account.