Many customers are using a “trashmail- addresses“. We know your purpose behind that, but we promise that you don’t have to worry about using your “real“ mail-address at our system.

We don’t allow trashmail registrations. Thats not because we want to throw our advertisement into your Mailbox – we don’t do that at all – the reason is, that we want to keep your data safe!

We don’t send email advertisement

Imagine you are using a trashmail for registration, so you look into this mailbox because of verification. But what happens then? You will maybe never ever open this tab anymore. That’s why you don’t receive important messages concerning your server.

This could be messages about the expiration, shut downs because of maintenance work, bans or questions in terms of your server. It is particularly frustrating if you miss the renewal date of your server – and all your data gets irrevocably extinguished, without any backups.

It is also more challenging to reset your password if you forgot it and you don’t know the trashmail you used for registration. Without a good verification even the support can’t help you with resetting the password.

Trashmails are not safe!

On some trashmail sites, access to a trash mailbox is still given and accessible by everyone. That means everyone could also reach the data of your server. They could do everything, manipulating, destroying, or even stealing the data you stored on it.

We promise you, that there is no reason to use a trashmail on our site. We, as the provider guarantee that your account is safe.