Your server probably won’t get the newest features if it’s highly outdated. We also can’t ensure the compatibility of the new webinterface-functions in this case, also we only unlock the features for servers, that got rented from our shop.

Thats why we please you to update the server package to a new one contemporary.

How do I update?

Please notify our support. We adapt your package for you, after we have told you, what will change.

Will my data remain?

Everything stays the same within and after an upgrade or downgrade. The only thing that could happen is that you have to restart your server to get the new ressources.

When will you cancel my outdated product?

Therefore we haven’t got a unique answer it depends on which product you have got. But we certainly give you enough time to change your package. In addition we will contact you multiple times by email before we actually cancel your package.

We adhere to the notice periods in our General Terms and Conditions.

If you have got unanswered questions about this topic, please contact our support. There we will surely help you!