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How do I enable 2FA?
General · 16.08.2023

Learn how to enable 2FA for your account, use Google Authenticator for this process, and what to do if you lose access.

Do you offer an installation service/remote hands?
General · 26.10.2023

Our FAQ guide provides you all information on our paid server services, installation offerings, costs and access requirements. Details about what we don't provide are also included.

Can I test your servers before purchasing?
General · 28.08.2023

Looking for a reliable virtual server? Try our free test server for 7 days, no obligations! Choose your preferred server and experience its performance firsthand.

How do I open a support ticket?
General · 27.08.2023

Learn how to get in touch with Prepaid-Hoster whether you're a current account holder or a new customer. Find out the best ways to contact us.

How long does the provisioning process take?
General · 31.08.2023

Ordering services from Prepaid-Hoster? Check out our provisioning durations for servers, domains, and addons. Get started quickly with our fast setup process.

What is Prepaid Hoster Pro?
General · 30.08.2023

Prepaid Hoster Pro: Affordable servers with new features #kstart#Prepaid Hoster Pro, affordable servers, new features, monthly subscription package, web interface, Linux Auto Update Manager, Linux Cronjob & Autostart Manager, statistics limit, backup limit, snapshot limit, customizable design, future features, generation upgrade, upgrade discount#kende# #tstart#Prepaid Hoster Pro: Affordable servers with new features#tende#

Where do I find your Discord server?
General · 30.05.2023

Join our Prepaid-Hoster Discord Server at pp-h.eu/discord for a helpful community, support, and developer assistance. Also check out our OnlyFans account!

Unhappy with the service
General · 06.07.2022

Get the answers to frequently asked questions about our customer support. We always strive to meet your demands and solve your problems. Contact us if you have any issues or concerns.

I forgot my login credentials/password!
General · 27.08.2023

Find easy solutions to your login troubles on Prepaid-Hoster.de. Learn how to recover your forgotten password or email address using the VionityCP web interface.

Why are disposable emails prohibited?
General · 28.08.2023

Registering with a disposable email? Not a good idea! Find out why using your real email is crucial for the security of your prepaid hosting account.

Why UCEPROTECT is an unreliable spam list!
General · 26.09.2023

Du brauchst Hilfe? Hier findest du Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen über Prepaid-Hoster.

Request order data processing
General · 30.05.2023

As a website hoster, you may need to enter into a Commissioned Data Processing Contract (ADV) with us if you process personal data on behalf of your customers. We will ensure that technical and organizational measures are in place to guarantee data security. Contact us for more details and a signed form.

How can I delete my account?
General · 27.08.2023

Learn the process of deleting your account, understand how your personal data is handled and know the consequences of said deletion in our FAQ.

How do I get an API Key?
General · 30.05.2023

Learn more about how to get an API key for the Prepaid-Hoster API, including beta test registration and the advantages of using our API for automated tasks and project efficiency.

I’m unhappy with the support
General · 06.07.2022

Need support from Prepaid Hoster? If you're unhappy with our service, let us know via our ticket system. Our experienced support team always aims to deliver the best service, but mistakes can happen. Learn more about reaching out to our management at kramer@prepaid-hoster.de.

Can I pay for my service later?
General · 28.08.2023

Paying for our prepaid services and servers at a later date is possible without any hassle. Receive an invoice seven days before expiry and settle it with credit to avoid server suspension. After a transition period of approximately six days, unpaid services will be deleted.

General · 27.08.2023

Discover why we no longer seek new direct partners and how you can still earn through our affiliate system.

When is the just ordered service available?
General · 30.01.2023

Find out about our service delivery times at the webshop. Fast and immediate delivery of webhosting and virtual servers. Check out our FAQ to learn more about products like domains and dedicated servers that may have delayed delivery times. Contact our support for help with your order.

What does “Outdated server-package“ mean?
General · 20.02.2022

Update your server package to get the newest features and ensure compatibility with the new web interface functions. Contact our support for assistance.

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