When you order something from us, you don’t want to wait long. Generally, all services are provisioned immediately unless otherwise communicated (low stock, maintenance, etc.).

We provide information in the following table about the approximate wait time until you can start using a service after ordering it.

Provisioning Duration of our Servers

Service Duration More Information
OpenVZ vServer 1-2 minutes
KVM Root Server 2-4 minutes
KVM Windows Server 2-3 minutes + 15 minutes manual installation
Dedicated Server Linux 5-20 minutes Longer waiting times possible
Dedicated Server Windows 5-20 minutes Longer waiting times possible
+ 15 minutes manual installation
Web Hosting Package 2-3 minutes The first order with PSC will be manually reviewed by an employee

Provisioning Duration of Domains

Domain Duration More Information
Domain registration 5 minutes The first domain will be manually reviewed by an employee
Domain transfer 5 minutes For some TLDs, the transfer may take up to 7 days


Addon Duration More Information
Plesk License Immediately
Remote Storage Immediately
PPH Pro Immediately

If your order takes longer, feel free to contact us in support after waiting for some time. We will then provide you with information about how much longer it will approximately take.