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Connect a domain to Five-M
Domains (EN) · 25.01.2023

You want to connect your domain to your Five-M (CFX) server? Learn how to do it yourself with the help of our step-by-step guide. Domain at Prepaid-Hoster or at another domain provider.

Domain Status: Pending Transfer
Domains (EN) · 30.05.2023

If you're transferring a domain to Prepaid-Hoster, it may go through a "pending transfer" phase that can last up to 7 days for certain TLDs. We have no control over how long this process takes.

My domain has been deleted. What to do?
Domains (EN) · 23.01.2023

Learn about domain expiration and deletion in this FAQ article. Understand the cost of restore fees and the process to request a domain renewal.

Move existing domain to Prepaid-Hoster.de
Domains (EN) · 23.01.2023

Learn how to register your existing domain with our domain management system and gain access to all of its features. Follow our simple steps to configure transfer with the corresponding auth-code.

When is my Domain ready?
Domains (EN) · 29.11.2022

For secure and efficient domain registration, the first order of a customer is manually checked to ensure accurate personal data. Find out more about our domain registration process.

What’s the meaning of a premium domain?
Domains (EN) · 30.08.2022

Looking to register a domain? Learn about the difference between normal and premium domains, and why sometimes orders need to be cancelled.

Connecting a domain to Minecraft
Domains (EN) · 27.08.2022

Learn how to connect your domain to your Minecraft server with ease! Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth connection.

How can I cancel a domain?
Domains (EN) · 14.07.2022

Need to cancel a domain? Find out how in our FAQ text. Learn whether it's necessary to cancel a domain, and how to do it manually if you choose to.

How do I create a DKIM?
Domains (EN) · 16.08.2023

Discover how to secure email communications with DKIM and ensure authenticity of your emails using your Plesk-based hosting service. Learn more here.

Whois-protection possible?
Domains (EN) · 06.12.2022

Looking to order a domain? Ensure that your address data is correct. Protect your domain-data with our whois-protection service. Learn more about domain protection for EU regions.

How can I change the nameserver?
Domains (EN) · 27.08.2023

Learn about the definition of nameservers, different types, and process of changing domain nameservers. Also, understand the role of glue records in domains.

My IP address is on a block list
Domains (EN) · 07.04.2023

Learn what to do if your IP address is on a block list and preventing your emails from being delivered. Contact our customer support for a "clean" IP address or use DKIM and SPF to verify the authenticity of your emails and improve delivery.

How do I create a subdomain with a different IP address?
Domains (EN) · 23.01.2023

Learn how to use the DNS Manager in the web interface of Prepaid-Hoster to point your domains to certain IP addresses and set up new subdomains.

Connecting domain with TeamSpeak
Domains (EN) · 23.01.2023

Connect your domain to a TeamSpeak 3 server with these simple steps. Log in to the web interface, select your domain, go to DNS settings, and create a TeamSpeak SRV entry. Save the form and wait up to 24 hours for it to take effect. Contact our support if you need assistance.

Can I have a domain name changed afterwards?
Domains (EN) · 23.01.2023

In unserem FAQ-Bereich beantworten wir die Frage, ob es möglich ist, die bereits gemietete Domain xyz.de in abc.de zu ändern. Aus technischen Gründen ist dies leider nicht möglich. Bei uns wird eine Domain für ein ganzes Jahr bei der entsprechenden Registrierungsstelle für den Kunden registriert. Obwohl es in der Regel möglich ist, die Besitzerdaten und Konfigurationen der Domain jederzeit zu ändern, ist es nicht möglich, den Domainnamen selbst zu ändern. Bei weiteren Fragen stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung.

Why is a DNS-update taking so long?
Domains (EN) · 18.03.2023

Learn why DNS updates can take a while and how your internet provider or DNS service plays a role in the process. Understand why changes to DNS entries may not be instantly noticeable and how Time-To-Live for DNS changes affects this.

Do you offer DNSSEC?
Domains (EN) · 27.08.2023

Browse our FAQ to learn why we don't offer DNSSEC and understand how you can still benefit if you have your own nameservers.

Redirection without Webhosting
Domains (EN) · 13.11.2022

Learn how to redirect subdomains to another URL with these simple steps. Enter your data in the DNS-settings form and save the entry. Find more information about DNS-updates here.

Do I have to cancel my domain?
Domains (EN) · 14.07.2022

No, you don't have to cancel a domain manually. If the renewal bill is not paid, the domain will be terminated automatically. Find out more about cancelling a domain.

My domain is “locked“, how can I change this?
Domains (EN) · 20.01.2023

If your domain is locked, you cannot transfer it to another registrar. This status is to prevent abusive transfers. If you need to change the status to active, notify our support. Keep in mind that the status can automatically change back to locked. Don't worry, we won't prevent you from transferring your domain - we will assist you as soon as we can.

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