If you want to register your existing domain to be able to use all functions and advantages of our domain management system or to just have every product at one place you can easily do that by the following steps.

For this please open the rent domain page and enter your domain in the domain-checker field. This should give you the response that the domain is already registered and can only get transferred with the corresponding auth-code.

The auth-code is similar to a password, that is needed to transfer a domain from one provider to another. It is used to prevent others from stealing your domain. This code must be generated by your provider, they either give you a function for this, or you have to contact the support.

If you have your auth-code by now you can simply insert it on „configure transfer“. To the right every detail is shown. If everything is correct you can continue going to the shopping cart.

Please notice the following:

  • Your personal data such as your name, address and mobile number needs to be entered correct in your client account. Further information can be found here: Reasons and Whois
  • We can not over take the period of validity from your previous provider. This means that again the annual fee for the domain extension has to be payed and the term is extended again to a full 12 months.
  • Please check the entered auth-code several times. The code usually contains a long combination of numbers and letters – but also special characters are possible.