When your domain expires or the service for which you received a domain for free expires, we will release it for deletion.

A domain is usually always paid for one year in advance. If the year is over and the invoice was not paid on time, the domain is deleted. You have not renewed it then.

With some services you can get a free domain. If the service is cancelled or not renewed, the associated free domain is also deleted.

Restoring the domain in such a case is always associated with costs. This is called restore fees. If you are still interested in the domain, you can request a restore via the support. You have to pay the restore fees and the renewal fees.

Restore fees are determined by the respective registry in charge.

.DE Domain21,99€
.EU Domain70,99€
.COM Domain123,99€
.TV Domain123,99€
.XYZ Domain123,99€

In case the domain has been deleted illegally, we reserve the right to make you a special offer, because the restore fees can be covered by the domain fees. As a rule, we will then give you 2 domains for free, so that you do not lose too much value. If you insist on restoring the domain, we will find a solution.