When it comes to domains, you have probably heard the term nameserver before. In general, a domain always requires at least two nameservers.

What is a nameserver?

A nameserver responds to DNS queries for a domain. There are different types of nameservers.

Authoritative nameserver

An authoritative nameserver is the nameserver responsible for a domain. For example, when you order a domain from Prepaid-Hoster, we set our 3 kramer-dns.de servers as authoritative nameservers. These are then the main nameservers for your ordered domain. All DNS records are stored here.

But you can also use your own nameservers. For example, Cloudflare. There is also the option to use your own infrastructure. It is important that all nameservers respond with a valid SOA record.

There are rules for your own nameservers:

  • The nameservers must return a valid SOA for the domain (authoritative)
  • All nameservers must return the same records
  • You must operate at least 2 nameservers with different IPs
  • Advantageous: The nameservers are provided by two different providers

Recursive nameserver

A recursive nameserver is equivalent to a cache nameserver. To prevent a domain nameserver from suffering from the load of many queries, your internet provider inserts its own nameservers, which cache queries. The most well-known ones are Google DNS ( and Cloudflare DNS ( These servers cannot be used as nameservers for a domain.

Changing domain nameservers

Log in to the web interface and navigate to the domain list. Then click on „Nameserver“ for the domain for which you want to change the nameservers.

Then click on „Edit“ to set new nameservers.

A form will open. Please enter an authoritative nameserver that you want to set.

Change nameserver form
Change nameserver form

By clicking on „Next“, Vionity checks the other nameservers based on the NS entries in the entered server and suggests setting them. If the nameserver is not accessible, does not respond, or does not know your domain, the process fails.

Set and use recognized nameservers
Set and use recognized nameservers

By clicking on „Set these nameservers“ the change is submitted to our registrar. This can take a few minutes, but it is processed in the background.

Your nameservers should become active within the next 24 hours.

Glue records

If you need a glue record, please contact our support. We will need the nameserver domains and associated IP addresses. We will set it up for you as soon as possible.