A domain can only get registered if they aren’t already owned by any other one.

Sometimes there’s the case that you may be excited as your wanted domain is set on “available“. But that’s not particularly true – often we have to cancel orders like this.

Premium Domain

A premium domain has a high price difference compared to normal domains. For example „fast.download“ – this domain is not belonging to anyone – but you could also not buy it for a normal price. That’s because of its simplicity. For cases like this there is an intern list of words which can’t be used in domains that easy.

Register a premium domain

Sadly it is not technically possible to recognize such a premium domain in advance. If you have tried to register a premium domain, we have to cancel the process and will give you the money back as credit on you account.

We can also check how expensive your domain would be – but you should also be prepared for at least a three-digit amount. If you still have any questions regarding premium domains please let us know!