Domain at Prepaid-Hoster

If you want to connect a domain to your Five-M (CFX) server you just have to follow the upcoming steps:

  • Login into the webinterface and click on your domain in the navigation menu to the left.
  • Choose “DNS-Settings“ (dt. = DNS-Einstellungen).
  • Click on the Button “+ New SRV entry“ (dt. = + Neuer SRV Eintrag).
  • Select the service looking like „five m“
  • Now fill in the following fields:
    • Subdomain: Here you can either keep this field empty or you can note the subdomain you want to use.
    • IP: Indicate the address (Domain or IP) of the Five-M server. It’s important that you don’t fill in the port.
    • Destination-port: Enter the server port. Standard 30120
  • Save your settings.

Domain at another domain provider

If the domain is registered somewhere else you may have to connect the domain and your game server manually. We can’t give any clearer advice because we don’t know your provider.

  • Create an A-Record titled „server“ (or something familiar) – assign the IP-address of your server on which the GTA Multiplayer mod is running as the content.
  • We need to create a new SRV entry with the following properties:
    • Name: _cfx._udp
    • Priority: 10
    • Weight: 10
    • Port: Now you need the game server port – 30120 by default
    • Content/Target: (here you need the Subdomain as shown in step one.)

Complete SRV entry:

  • Name:
  • Content: 10 10 30120

Please notice that it can take about 24 hours until anyone can connect using the domain.