If you own a domain at Prepaid-Hoster, you automatically have a DNS manager in the web interface. This gives you the possibility to point your domain(s) to certain IP addresses. Open the desired domain in the navigation. To get to the DNS Manager, click on DNS Settings.

Now you can view and manage the different DNS records.

If you now want to set up a new subdomain, proceed as follows in the DNS Manager:

  • Click + New entry.
  • In the name you enter the subdomain identifier. You do not need to append your domain name.
  • In the content you now enter the desired IP address.
  • Leave A as the type, unless it is an IPv6 address. Then you select AAAA there.

To save the changes, click on „Save“. You can create more subdomains of this type almost endlessly.

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours before the DNS record actually works.

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DNS Manager in the web interface