You can order multiple IP addresses for each Dedicated Server through our support. You can order a maximum of 6 individual IPs. Various subnets are also available.

Description Price Setup
Per individual IP address €2.50 €10.00
/29 IP subnet (8 IPs, 6 usable IPs) €20.00 €80.00
/28 IP subnet (16 IPs, 14 usable IPs) €40.00 €160.00
/27 IP subnet (32 IPs, 30 usable IPs) €80.00 €320.00
One-time setup fee per IP address €10.00
Price table IP addresses Dedicated Server

Please note that we need to know the purpose for ordering additional IP addresses. If we consider the purpose to be not meaningful, we may reject the order. This could be the case, for example, if the same result can be achieved through intelligent port usage. Therefore, please include your purpose directly in your support ticket.