To say it directly: Yes, but this installation will be done for you by one of our technician within 24 hours.

Process of the windows installation

Sadly the installation of windows can’t get provided automatically. That’s why we have to connect a KVM console to the server. We will over take the installation part for you – this service is for free.

The following windows server can be installed:

  • Windows server 2016
  • Windows server 2019

We equip your Windows server with a 180-day trial license. After this period of time you have to take care of proper license yourself.

What we are doing in terms of installing:

  • Basic installation of “server standard core“ with GUI
  • Format all hard drives
  • Installation on the hard drive “0“
  • Setting the password – as specified in the webinterface
  • activation of remotedesktop
  • deactivating of the additional IE security settings

This process will take about 20-30 minutes after arriving of the console. The console is usually ~1 hour after requesting connected by a technician.

In the ticket support we will keep you up to date about the current steps.