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Which operating systems can I use?
Dedicated Server (EN) · 04.02.2023

In unserem FAQ finden Sie Informationen zum Webinterface und zur Installation von Betriebssystemen. Erfahren Sie mehr über Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu und Windows Server. Auch das Rettungssystem Proxmox können Sie nutzen. Kontaktieren Sie unseren Support für weitere Informationen.

What are the Standard Ports?
Dedicated Server (EN) · 23.06.2024 · NEU

How to install an FTP server on Windows?
Dedicated Server (EN) · 28.05.2024

Set up an FTP server on your Windows server with FileZilla Server. Follow this step-by-step guide to configure, create users, set permissions, and start your server successfully.

Extend Windows Server trial period (rearm)
Dedicated Server (EN) · 07.03.2024

Manage the content for 'Prepaid-Hoster' FAQ: How to reset the Windows Server trial period and avoid license violations.

How do I install PHPMyAdmin on my server?
Dedicated Server (EN) · 16.08.2023

Learn how to manage MySQL databases conveniently using the web-based, open source phpMyAdmin, and how to perform full automatic installations on debian-based Linux systems.

Prices for additional products for dedicated servers
Dedicated Server (EN) · 16.08.2023

Get answers to frequently asked questions about ordering additional hardware for your server, including hard disks, setup fees, and more.

Proxmox Network Bridge on Dedicated Servers
Dedicated Server (EN) · 16.08.2023

Looking for guidance on how to install the Proxmox Network Bridge? Our comprehensive FAQ provides all the details you need.

How do I create a WinMTR log?
Dedicated Server (EN) · 23.01.2023

Track your server's ping and packet loss with WinMTR. Download the program and follow these simple steps to analyze any network problems.

Windows Remote Desktop: Create user
Dedicated Server (EN) · 14.07.2022

Learn how to create a new user and activate Remote Desktop on your Windows Server. Follow our step-by-step guide to make it easy!

Can I order additional IP addresses?
Dedicated Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Find out how to order multiple IP addresses for your dedicated server, understand the pricing structures and steps for ordering.

How can I shut down my dedicated server?
Dedicated Server (EN) · 06.07.2022

Manage a dedicated server easily with our FAQ. Get information on starting and shutting down your server. Contact our support for help.

Can I use the gameserver manager on a dedicated server?
Dedicated Server (EN) · 06.07.2022

Learn about dedicated servers and game server managers for Linux-based systems at our site. We offer this feature for our gameservers, but please note that the manager is only compatible with Debian and Ubuntu.

When will my ordered dedicated server be available?
Dedicated Server (EN) · 06.07.2022

Get your dedicated server in under 15 minutes. Our automated provisioning makes setup a breeze, but if there are any issues, it may take a bit longer. Once your server is live, simply add your desired operating system. Contact us for assistance or to check your order status.

What is Load? (Load-Average)
Dedicated Server (EN) · 27.08.2023

Learn about Linux operating system load, how it's computed, its interpretations, and ways to check it on your server.

I lost the network connection. What’s happening next?
Dedicated Server (EN) · 06.07.2022

Need to connect to your server after a network loss? Use our free KVM console service for up to 2.5 hours. Contact support for more info.

Does my dedicated server support virtualization?
Dedicated Server (EN) · 06.07.2022

Looking for information about virtualization support for your CPU? Read our FAQ for helpful tips before making an order. Our support team can help with BIOS settings as well.

Can I install windows on my dedicated server?
Dedicated Server (EN) · 02.12.2022

Get your Windows server installed within 24 hours by one of our technicians. We provide a free KVM console connection to take care of the installation process. Our service includes installation of server standard core with GUI, formatting hard drives, password setup, and more. We offer 180-day trial licenses for Windows Server 2016 and 2019, after which you'll need to obtain your own license.

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