You can order additional hardware for your server via the customer support. For example, additional hard disks are available if you run out of storage space.

Upon installation, the monthly price plus the set-up fee is due once. The order is only confirmed when the credit is available.

Additional hard disks

You can have us install additional hard disks in your dedicated server. Whether and for how many additional hard disks can be installed varies from server to server. For example, it may be that your server was already delivered with 3 hard disks and the motherboard does not allow any more space for storage media.

Hard diskmonthlyone-time setup
1,92 TB SATA SSD DC Edition29,40€10,00€
3,84 TB SATA SSD DCEdition49,03€10,00€
2 TB SATA Enterprise HDD16,78€10,00€
6 TB SATA Enterprise HDD 21,66€10,00€
12 TB SATA Enterprise HDD 28,56€10,00€

If you want to install one or more additional hard disks, contact Support. We will then check what is possible for your server.