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Where can I find a webmail client?
Webhosting (EN) · 25.01.2023

Manage your emails easily with our webmail client Roundcube. Access your emails, contacts, and calendar from any device. Install Roundcube for free on your webspace.

I cannot send E-Mails to Outlook/Live/MSN
Webhosting (EN) · 25.01.2023

Learn about the issue with sending emails to Outlook, Live or MSN domains from our web hosting server. Unfortunately, Microsoft has blocked our IP address ranges, causing emails to bounce back. Find out more about this problem and how we are working to solve it.

How do I change the PHP version?
Webhosting (EN) · 25.01.2023

Learn how to change PHP version per domain easily! Follow these simple steps to switch from PHP 5 to the latest PHP 7 version in just a few minutes.

How do I create a Let’s Encrypt certificate for all subdomains?
Webhosting (EN) · 25.01.2023

Create a free wildcard SSL certificate for all subdomains with Plesk web interface. Learn how to request, generate and install it in this article.

How do I create my own email address?
Webhosting (EN) · 25.01.2023

Learn how to create your own email address in Plesk with our step-by-step guide. Create a secure mailbox and forwarding with a strong password. Use our webmail or Outlook to send and receive mails.

How can I connect my domain to my webspace?
Webhosting (EN) · 14.07.2022

Verbinde deine Domain mit deinem Webspace, indem du die IP-Adresse deines Webhostings in den DNS-Einstellungen eingibst. Hier erfährst du, wie du die IP-Adresse findest und einträgst.

How do I create a DKIM?
Webhosting (EN) · 16.08.2023

Discover how to secure email communications with DKIM and ensure authenticity of your emails using your Plesk-based hosting service. Learn more here.

My IP address is on a block list
Webhosting (EN) · 07.04.2023

Learn what to do if your IP address is on a block list and preventing your emails from being delivered. Contact our customer support for a "clean" IP address or use DKIM and SPF to verify the authenticity of your emails and improve delivery.

How do I install WordPress?
Webhosting (EN) · 25.01.2023

With our web interface, installing applications like WordPress is easy. Log in to plesk.prepaid-hoster.com and click on Applications to begin.

Where can I find phpMyAdmin?
Webhosting (EN) · 25.01.2023

Learn where to find phpMyAdmin for easy database management. Access it easily through the web interface by selecting "Databases" and then the desired database. Contact us with any questions.

Which apps can I install via One-Click?
Webhosting (EN) · 25.01.2023

Install popular software directly in Plesk with just one click. No need to upload any data. Most apps can be automatically updated via Plesk.

How do I get a free SSL certificate for my domain?
Webhosting (EN) · 25.01.2023

Learn how to secure your domains with a free Lets Encrypt SSL certificate. Follow our guide to set it up in Plesk easily.

My Plesk access is not working, what to do?
Webhosting (EN) · 25.01.2023

Du hast Probleme mit dem Zugriff auf Plesk? Hier erfährst du, was du tun kannst.

Where can I find the web space management?
Webhosting (EN) · 25.01.2023

Access the Plesk web interface for web hosting at host04.prepaid-webspace.com. Log in with the provided access data received via email. Also find the access data in the administration web interface at vionity.de. Easily log in to the administration interface from there. Manage multiple webhostings. Contact Support for any login-related questions or issues.

Connection data for Outlook & co.
Webhosting (EN) · 27.08.2023

Explore our FAQ guide to find relevant data points needed for setting up mail clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, or on Android and iOS devices.

How can I access the webspace database from outside?
Webhosting (EN) · 25.01.2023

Learn about accessing the database from the web server host and renting a virtual server for external database usage. Get support from our team for setup assistance.

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