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Minecraft server will not start
Gameserver (EN) · 23.01.2023

Learn how to troubleshoot Minecraft server start-up errors. Check server logs for errors and try to understand and fix them. Change the Java version or send a problem-report to the support team.

Where do I find FTP data for my game server?
Gameserver (EN) · 23.01.2023

Click on the desired game server in the Game Server Manager. Wait until the Game Server Manager has loaded completely. Find the "Files" tab and click on the "FTP Data" button. Access data for the FTP server will be displayed in a new window. Please note: If you have installed an FTP server on your Linux server, this method may not work.

CS:GO: How do I change the server name?
Gameserver (EN) · 23.01.2023

Learn how to easily customize your CS:GO server name with our step-by-step guide. Follow our instructions to brand your server without hassle.

How do I create a backup daily?
Gameserver (EN) · 23.01.2023

Set up automatic daily backups for your game server with Game Server Manager. Follow these steps to ensure your server data is always protected.

How do I import a game server backup?
Gameserver (EN) · 23.01.2023

You want to import or restore a downloaded backup? Follow these steps to easily accomplish it.

VCP cannot connect to the game server
Gameserver (EN) · 23.01.2023

Having trouble connecting to your game server? Learn about common issues, such as changed SSH ports or Fail2Ban blocks, and how to fix them in this FAQ guide.

Which games can I install?
Gameserver (EN) · 23.01.2023

Check out our list of officially supported games, including Minecraft, TeamSpeak, Counter-Strike, Ark, Rust, 7 Days to Die, and Valheim. We also offer installation for experimental games, but functionality is not guaranteed.

Change game server port
Gameserver (EN) · 30.05.2023

Learn how to change the SSH port of your game server and continue managing it with our game server manager. Follow these easy steps to adjust your SSH port in just a few clicks.

How do I connect to my game server via FTP?
Gameserver (EN) · 27.08.2023

Learn how to connect to your game server using FTP with our comprehensive step-by-step guide. Master uploading and downloading files with ease.

What is the meaning of experimental?
Gameserver (EN) · 23.01.2023

Manage games in the web interface with our FAQ - find answers to your questions about game server configurations, support for experimental game servers, and available server options.

How to install Valheim Plus
Gameserver (EN) · 27.08.2023

Discover how to install Valheim Plus with your Gameserver Manager quickly and easily in this article. No prior experience required!

How do I change the Minecraft server version?
Gameserver (EN) · 23.01.2023

Learn how to use Minecraft servers with Game Server Manager. Find links to Vanilla, Bukkit/Spigot, Forge, and FTB servers. Upload your JAR file and start your server. Install modpacks with ease.

Where can I find my game server backups?
Gameserver (EN) · 23.01.2023

Lerne, wie du Backups von deinem Gameserver erstellst und über FTP downloaden kannst. Finde heraus, wie du Daten-Backups wiederherstellst und den Server auf einen früheren Stand zurücksetzt.

How can I create a problem-report?
Gameserver (EN) · 23.01.2023

Learn how to create a snapshot of your Minecraft game server for faster support. Follow these steps to provide debugging logs to your support team.

Set own LinuxGSM settings
Gameserver (EN) · 23.01.2023

Discover how to use our game server cloud based on LinuxGSM with ease using VionityCP - our web interface that handles all admin work. Learn how to adjust LinuxGSM settings by following a few simple rules. Contact us anytime!

Change Java version
Gameserver (EN) · 23.01.2023

Learn how to change the Java version of your Minecraft server with this helpful FAQ guide! Find out how to install alternative Java versions, switch between available Java versions, and more. Contact our ticket support if you have any problems.

Install Java on vServer/Linux
Gameserver (EN) · 24.01.2023

Install different Java versions (1.8, 16, 17, ...) on your virtual server easily and quickly. Our script automates the installation process in the /usr/lib folder.

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